Faith and Work (Op-Ed, Second Edition)

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Our Vision

Our Purpose

CANA is a new publication at the University of Chicago that publishes, essays, interviews, and short stories on topics that matter to the UChicago community. CANA aims to elevate and sustain important conversations across lines of difference, generating understanding and dialogue, and sharing Christian perspectives.

Our Message

We believe that the Good News, that we have restored fellowship with God the Father through the work of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, reorients our hearts and minds. Because of God, we now live:

  1. Concerned for the good of people.
  2. Knowing we have a friend in God.
  3. As recipients and givers of God’s gifts.
  4. Grounded by God’s direction.
  5. Forgiven and grateful to God.
  6. In prayer, knowing that God our Father hears our cry.

Our Values

  1. Peace: We further dialogue on important issues that is welcoming but also challenging. 
  2. Faith: We trust the members of our campus, Christian or not, have each other’s best interests in mind. We commit, even through tense times, to seek the good of our community. 
  3. Hope: In humility and prayer, We take risks in furthering the dialogue on campus, with the confidence that our community will grow because of it.
  4. Love: We seek the good of our campus and all of its members, choosing to love it by creating spaces for members to air their concerns and perspectives on important issues openly and safely, leading to transformative conversation and ultimately better understanding. 

Our Culture

  • Diverse: Our diversity sets us apart. Academically, ethnically, and religiously diverse, our members collaborate to provide an inclusive voice.  
  • Thoughtful: We work to convey a meaningful messages that have an impact after immediate reception.
  • Passionate: We operate under the belief that our message and our values have an transformative impact on the campus that can’t be treated lightly.

Our Hope

We hope that through our values and culture, we spread our message to form a loving, thoughtful, and collaborative campus.