Yes, He Meets Us Where We Are

By Stiven Peter In his “Conversations with Picasso,” Hungarian photographer Brassai claims that Grunewald’s Crucifixion  awakened Picasso’s creative impulses. Specifically, he attributes Picasso’s extremes, “his amorously irreverent pastiches, his verve, his humor, his cruelty,” to the grotesque impulse generated by Grunewald. Picasso remarked to Brassai, “Do you know the Crucifixion

Zero Sum Game

by Allen Lu Charlie’s toothbrush was just for show. Their mother always used to say: “I don’t care if you’re running late, half asleep, or on your death bed! The first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing before bed should be to brush your teeth!”

The Café

by Kirstin Yu The Café hasn’t opened yet, but I can already feel the buzz in the air, the anticipation of intoxication. The patrons have congregated a few blocks down the street, as they always do, and through a crack in the window I watch as they lean into the