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beautiful rocky shore during sunset

Chasing Oasis

By Jack Moore An elderly man sits on his front porch, overlooking an old garden filled with azaleas. They have just passed their prime and are going to wilt soon. These will be the last azaleas he will see in the garden. His wife, who planted and cultivated them, passed this April after they had

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people on sea under blue and pink sky


by Jack Moore Thursday Night “It’s so loud.” As I lie on my bed, all I can do is listen. The ticking of a clock, the purring of a fan, the voices downstairs…I can’t sleep, but that’s been a problem for a while. I need my clock to know what time it is; my fan

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OliphantAnna Lu Lydia drags herself out of bed at five in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, because arson cases don’t solve themselves, and tonight is one family dinner she can’t afford to ruin with overtime. She trudges into the bathroom, splashes frigid water in her face, and robotically sticks her toothbrush in her mouth, all

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