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Water: A Photoessay

By Nikko Wheeler   Water has been essential throughout most of my life.  As a kid, my dad was in the Navy. He was stationed in Panama City Beach, working at the Experimental Diving Unit. When he wasn’t working, we’d go to the base pool, where we spent much of our time submerged underwater, practicing

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close up photo of cherry blossom


by Spencer Smolenski If five years ago you told me I would one day become a Catholic, I would have called you crazy. At that time, I identified as an  atheist, seeing religion as a superstition that irrationally placed  faith above reason. This idea pitted my lifelong interest in science  against Christianity, and I chose

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Tears of a Teacher

by Walker Haynes Many people with a faith background will know that John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible. It simply reads, “Jesus wept.” The brevity of the verse does not indicate a lack of meaning. Toward the beginning of his over 6500-word sermon on this verse, the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon wrote

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