Category: Spring 2023

Water: A Photoessay

By Nikko Wheeler   Water has been essential throughout most of my life.  As a kid, my dad was in the Navy. He was stationed in Panama City Beach, working at the Experimental Diving Unit. When he wasn’t working, we’d go to the base pool, where we spent much of our time submerged underwater, practicing

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By Madeleine Roberts When we are lost in the woods the sight of a signpost is a great matter. –C.S. Lewis He called it joy—  An almost-forgotten state of the spirit  Wearied by the humdrum   And rubbish held in common with the world  Dreaming in a shade of morning  That is not for the poet

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By Madeleine Roberts My soul cried out for living water, and I had grown accustomed to the thirst. In a foreign place, You meet me alone and hold me above the river. Gather me into Your fold. Hold me still in Your embrace. Let me know the peace of a day spent quietly in Your

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beautiful rocky shore during sunset

Chasing Oasis

By Jack Moore An elderly man sits on his front porch, overlooking an old garden filled with azaleas. They have just passed their prime and are going to wilt soon. These will be the last azaleas he will see in the garden. His wife, who planted and cultivated them, passed this April after they had

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The Woman at the Well

By Madeleine Roberts You’ve mistaken me for   Righteousness I fear  A woman on her own  (She thinks she’s on her own)  Will wager with the devil  When she fights alone  (She thinks she fights alone)  Some words kick up  Mountains in the mind  And that’s how they’re true  You’ve mistaken me for   More than I

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