Our Departments


The Opinions Department focuses on analyzing and dissecting issues important to the University of Chicago community and the beyond. In each issue, writers across all programs give their perspective ranging from politics and history to philosophy and economics. The section includes a diverse set of perspectives, reflecting the diversity of our campus and the Christian tradition.  Ultimately, the Opinions Department aims to create thoughtful and relevant content that will move our readers toward a deeper understanding of the world.


The Features Department focuses on providing personal faces to the issues we examine. The Features Departments interviews and profiles relevant faculty, staff, community workers, and students, creating a space for honest and challenging dialogue. Through crafting engaging profiles, Features hopes to highlight the diversity of perspectives that constitute our community and show the personal implications of the issues it covers.


The Literature Department engages cultural issues through the genre of literature. Through poetry and prose, Literature provides unique spaces to interrogate challenging issues by appealing to our aesthetic judgements. Founded on the idea that literature provides insight into profound human truths, Literature hopes to show how good literature guides us toward understanding and living well.


The Culture Department focuses on providing cultural commentary from a Christian perspective. Culture writers provide reviews and commentaries on the  books, movies, music, plays, etc in our social imagination from a Christian lens, living out the call to live in the world but not be of it.


The Layout Departments focuses on conveying the content and message of CANA in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Through creative magic (and indesign) the Layout Department defines CANAs brand and style.


The Copy department makes sure the issue is free of all grammatical errors. Copy maintains the journal’s stylistic integrity, creating a seamless reading experience for CANA’s readers.