Issue 3: Lazarus

“Lazarus, come out!” Jesus’s first words to His resurrected friend demonstrate His power over death itself – even Lazarus, dead for four days, can be raised through Christ’s intervention. But more than just a show of divine power, these words are an invitation to greater intimacy with the Lord. Christ does not merely raise His friend back to life, but directs that new life towards Himself – Lazarus’s resurrection is complete when he can exit the dark, isolated tomb and stand face-to-face with Jesus. 

As we come to the close of the school year and witness the rebirth of the city around us – temperatures rise, trees sprout new flowers, and birds return to sing – we find Lazarus’s example particularly compelling. Christ offers us new life in Himself, just as God brings color and growth to a world which only a little while ago felt gray and sterile. How can we grow closer to Jesus through this renewal?

This issue is our first response to that invitation from our Lord. It is our attempt, in form and in writing, to articulate how we might draw nearer to Christ through this reborn world; heeding His call to “come out” and walk with Him, we can fully recognize His gifts and presence in our lives. 

We offer these articles, poems, and artwork for your own reflection and prayer, through the end of this school year and beyond. May all of us, like Lazarus, heed Jesus’s call to grow closer to Him, and enjoy the new life He offers us as a result. 

In Christ,

Aidan Stenson

Editor-in-Chief, Cana


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