by Cael Saxton

While the image of Christianity that first comes to mind for some might be  off-putting, most Christians follow Christ in much more subtle ways. If I had  to boil down my faith to one effect, following Christ gives light to my life, and  thus allows me to be a light for others. 

Being a Christian does not mean I don’t get upset, frustrated, or distraught;  however, my faith has provided me with a foundation to face any challenge.  There’s a certain comfort in being able to rely on God when I’m dealing with  tough times. He is the one true constant in my life; He will never abandon me.  There is a seed of joy planted deep in my soul so that even if I hit rock bottom,  I always have hope. And hope is a powerful thing.  

When it comes to following the teachings of Christ, I’d like to include a phrase  my friend Madden often quotes: “People falsely look at Christianity as a  museum of saints, but it’s really a hospital for sinners.” We are all broken and  battered, which is a comforting thought. But I can strive to become more  like Christ by loving my neighbors and living with a servant’s heart. Applying  these principles to my life has given me great fulfillment and purpose. 

I pray you continue to put your faith in Christ if you are already a believer,  and I pray that you choose to let Christ into your heart for the first time if  you are not. I pray that God may continue to guide you in your life as you  navigate these tough times in college, and that you may serve as a light for  others. I pray that you continue to move forward and fulfill your purpose here  on Earth, and I pray that you know you are loved. 

Christ awaits with open arms to receive all who call on His name, and He is  faithful to give us joy and peace through all the seasons of our lives. So take  heart: you will never walk alone.


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